Crashing Skies, Colliding Eyes

Do you remember that moment

When you felt unstoppable..

You gazed on high and,

The stars lit up your sky.

Shimmering hope into your dreams.

In reality it was breaking at its seams..

Do you remember, those feet stretched firm underneath 

With balled up fists crunching into barren hips

And a smirk painted on your face

Because you knew, “I got this”

But when your wishing stars turned into meteors 

Making you feel inferior

Burning what you dreamed of so quickly

What then?

Fire tingles, burning you into a strew

Of figments you’d rather undo


The fate you awake still rests in your domain

Accept the yellowing light as a lesson that flickers in your night

Move on sweet child, there is nothing to fright 

Surrender to life with a passion giving life

It will glimmer a way, through these cold and empty nights



Fusion Illusion

You are worthy of your dreams

When you feel it running deep

That energy which seeps

Deep inside your veins

How it stings it’s strings

Of syllable screams

Surrender to the moment

Embrace what’s released

Send out the love your heart yearns from above

You are the creator

Of this world which you seek

Let’s follow our dreams

Sail off into ease

With an underlying tone

Of in the end it’s all good

Healing Manic Depression

Slouched over in the dimly lit room, a yellowing lamp represented my soul. Flickering in and out, aching for a release. The psychiatrist blurted the words, “You have bipolar disorder.” The traditional approach to treatment, includes patients being told they have a life long illness and being loaded up on medication. Some people have chosen to follow this route and that is great. I am choosing a different pathway.

That’s right, I’m not taking prescribed medication.

Why? It is my opinion that as a society, we have been conditioned to think of depression as a chemical imbalance healed with pills. Turn on the TV and its hard to go a few minutes without seeing pharmaceutical ads marketing emotional relief. Some people suggest medication does work for depression and anxiety.

“There has never been a human study that successfully links low serotonin levels and depression. Imaging studies, blood and urine tests, postmortem suicide assessments, and even animal research have never validated the link between neurotransmitter levels and depression.” Kelly Brogan, MD

Science has proven again and again that your brain is a very powerful computer. So my question to you is, is it the medication or the belief in it that has worked? When you program a belief that something will help, it will. Take this study on the placebo effect for example.

“In this randomized clinical trial[1] people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) were randomly divided into two groups, an ‘overt’ and ‘covert’ group. Everyone was given 20 mg of a commonly-prescribed SSRI, escitalopram (Lexapro), for 9 weeksIn the overt group, people were told that they were being prescribed Lexapro, but in the covert group, people were told that they were given an “active placebo” that had similar side effects as the SSRI but had no clinical effects – even though they were given the same dosage of Lexapro as the overt group.

Even though both groups received the same SSRI dosages, 50% of people in the overt group responded to treatment, while the response rate in the covert group was a mere 14%. In fact, blood serum analyses confirmed that people in both groups had the same amount of Lexapro and its metabolites in their bodies. The only difference in their treatment was what they were told.

-Kelly Brogan MD

So if I’m not taking medication, what am I doing?

I have chosen a holistic, natural approach toward my health. This is based on the research of pioneer psychiatrist, Kelly Brogan.

“Food is the best medicine. All your cells, bones, signaling molecules, and tissues are built from what you eat. For example, dietary fats are the building blocks of brain tissue and help balance hormones, and muscles are built from protein. Different vitamins and minerals are used to create energy and send electrical impulses along neurons so that we can move, think, and feel. A nourishing diet is the best strategy against depression.” -Kelly Brogan MD

For the past 2 weeks I have ate a plant based diet exclusive to sugar, gluten, dairy and meat. Now, I have had a few slip ups. On the days I did eat Taco Bell or McDonald’s, I noticed an immense difference.

Working out almost daily, meditating frequently, praying often, connecting with loved ones and reading positive affirmations have also been apart of my routine.

The results? 

I have stopped abusing substances. No longer am I relying on smoking substances to make it through the day. I had been using the past 3 years consecutively. I also feel excited for life, powerful and at peace.

For me, this is proof that I am healing my body. We are powerful beings. Ones filled with light and love. Maybe people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, are actually just sensitive souls carrying past pain that hasn’t yet been healed. When you nurture your soul with the nutrients it needs, life starts to change. 

Sending peace and love


The Fire, Igniting Your Soul

Hello again, you beautiful souls! Today’s topic, is centered around taking action with your newly set habits. Heck yes! Now, we’re not talking about adding unsalted mash potatoes to your plate of things to do. These are much better than your Aunt Tina’s Thanksgiving let down. Why? Because these, tie into your purpose. Even if you haven’t figured it out yet. Subconsciously you’re trying to accomplish it. The reason you’re pushing yourself to change! What is the fire that ignites your soul? What habits will you invest in for your dream life? For me, I’ve chosen daily meditation, exercising and positive affirmations. In theory, this sounds great right? But when we need to take the action, that’s where the road gets rocky. (And not like rocky road ice cream). So, what will it take to push yourself when you’re exhausted from work? Well, cue the drum roll please. You darling, have got to have something pushing you. Driving you to get up, when your pillow is whispering sweet nothings in your ear. When you think what’s the point anymore, after eating those donuts you shouldn’t have. This, ladies and gentlefolk is called your purpose.

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So, for you what is it? What is your purpose for fill in the blank? Ask yourself, why is this so important to me? Why am I not okay with feeling this way any longer? What would my life be like if I did live like this! That, will get you closer to accomplishing your goals more than just wanting to look better.

Remember, you contain endless potential within you. Which mountain will you choose to dance on, like no ones watching, when you reach the top? Sending peace and love.


New Ground

Like the subtle agony

played in your euphoric symphony

Reality scrapes the pavement.

Pains pebble, gnaws in my shoe

Waiting to be acknowledged..

Anger is stationed like a mysterious man

Shooting words as bullets

Forced from childhood pain

I wish I could sustain, the force you portrayed

But I deserve better, than icy disdain

I am a beacon of light you tried to forbade

Into a lie of past, futile pain

Our chapter is finished

But the epilogue remains

I will always send, peace and love your way

To rewrite a narrative

One that no longer slaves,

Into a life of misery each day

Heal the child that weeps in thee

Look inside, it is the key

With loving eyes, your childhood dreamed

To see

Piercing a dagger through pulsing veins was not an intention my heart forbade

In fact I longed for our futures to intertwine

Their frame

You will always be in my heart

I’m sorry we could not remain


Toiled hair dips into what is searched

The unlit bulb decorating my soul

Chilled breezes buzz in the background

That hums disharmony in me

“You are loved” I say,

“You are welcomed by soft pedals,

Grown with kindness, kissing your face

Of shame covered grace”

Disgruntled Dissonance

Dull numbness surrounds me

A feeling of peace in arms reach

Stretched hands reach out

Only to find oblique doubt

Tearing pain unraveling

Accepting, collecting, how I feel

How do I feel?

speechless static responds back to me

Scratching skin speaks fluently

To the distress in my reality

Why oh why

Is this lesson being taught to thy

Bitter hands quiver

At the resentment, like winter

Snow is falling beautifully,

and all I do is turn quietly

But, the moon will come tonight

And the sun will shine tomorrow

No need for a frown, you are all but a mound

Of endless potential, held in thine

Thank you, thank you

For the anger held in thee

It is but a mirror, reflecting to me

Of the wounded child drowning in me

Drifting reality

One day in the hollow banks of Chesterfield England, a young lad came strolling by. Lightly stamped freckles shielded his face. Step by step the pavement sang melodies of sadness. Troubles stored themselves like brick on bookshelves in his mind. A black crow came flying by. As if to toy at him the freedom to fly. “Who are you” he mumbled to the crow.

Suddenly the crooked beak swinged around. Headed towards the young lad he swooped underneath. “Well curious child what do you dare to seak?”

“Why are you, you and why am I, I. And, why do the sleeping bears go nodding by.” the young lad’s face began to fume hot heat. ”Where are they headed, what do they seek? What dream am I dreaming to not feel oblique. I feel inspired so I’ll create some tea. Some warm fluffy pillows with chocolate silk to eat.” The young lad pulled out his hand, releasing the stressed fingers he showed a treat. A gasp fell from Crows mouth. A smirk stretched across the young lads cheek. His freckles formed constellations. “What is that.” whispered the crow. Fingertips unfolded the sweet.

“As far as I can speak, life as norm is not deemed to be, in the eyes of some perceiving freak.”

“You say freak, I say meek. Quietly observing my own world of treats. Dive deep and take a peak. Let the vibration of energy flow from your peak. You can escape this sad world of weep.”

The dark muted crow stood back, he had not spoke. Searching his feathers for feelings, hope awoke. Rusty veins now flowed with gold. Ebbs of inspiration heated his cold. A thought was provoked. Deep inside this little mind, a gear switched like a pulse stopping poke.

The black crows dull feet hopped off the ground. Throwing its body into the clouds he began spinning into cool icy mounds. He clenched his eyes and turned the gears. When he woke he saw a beach with no peers. No red robins to yell and critique, no humming blue birds to quietly speak. Me myself and I, he thought. On this sweet peaceful beach. Drawing love in the sand with my lightly pressed beak.

The end

Shimmering Love, Dances Into Your Year


Hello, all you beautiful people! It is a new year, my friends. 2018, is gonna be big. If, you allow it to be. 😉 Let’s be honest. Life, is pretty spectacular. Even if your coffee spilled on your knock off Uggs. Or maybe, your lover doesn’t tell you how fantastic you are. (And lets face it, you are.) If you’re looking at this, that means you are blessed. You have access to the internet, food, water and most likely a bed to sleep in.

To be in the top 1 percent of the world financially, you only need to make 34,000 (US dollars) a year. So, this is a calling. To everyone that reads this. Lets be more grateful, and less hateful. Sure, it’s easy to focus on the bad. But, don’t you deserve more than that negative cycle? The answer is YES! You deserve, to accomplish your dreams and follow your passion. You darling, have the world at your finger tips. Will you bite the hand that feeds you? Or embrace its open arms…

“Accept the situation, change the situation or leave it. All else, is madness.” -Eckhart Tolle

The word surrender, has spread its beautiful colors to me lately. Have you ever found yourself anxious or frustrated? Do you notice, that you create a tug of war, with life? Pulling at the present moment, to change into what you desire.

“But Harmony!” You might say, “how can I accept that I gained 15 pounds over the holidays?” Well, what are our other options? We can get angry with ourselves, or fearful that we don’t look good enough. This negative energy, affects our whole being. Creating the same cycle of emotional eating we might be trying to get away from.

By accepting and loving ourselves for the beautiful messes we are, true peace prevails. Self pities’ flag gets hoisted down. Thus, a symbol of hope embodies our being.

Pain presents itself in different ways, right? Some people express it outwardly, by hurting others. Some people, bottle it up and drink it like a dirty martini. Regardless, we have all been hurt at one time. Adding hateful fire, to our burning sadness will only create more flames. But, if you water your being with the love you deserve, magical things happen.

This year, my resolution is to flow the oasis of serenity, into the hearts of humanity. Let’s accomplish our goals together. Uplift our fellow souls. Cheers to what is, and what may be.

Thanks for tuning in, sending love and light.