Crashing Skies, Colliding Eyes

Do you remember that moment

When you felt unstoppable..

You gazed on high and,

The stars lit up your sky.

Shimmering hope into your dreams.

In reality it was breaking at its seams..

Do you remember, those feet stretched firm underneath 

With balled up fists crunching into barren hips

And a smirk painted on your face

Because you knew, “I got this”

But when your wishing stars turned into meteors 

Making you feel inferior

Burning what you dreamed of so quickly

What then?

Fire tingles, burning you into a strew

Of figments you’d rather undo


The fate you awake still rests in your domain

Accept the yellowing light as a lesson that flickers in your night

Move on sweet child, there is nothing to fright 

Surrender to life with a passion giving life

It will glimmer a way, through these cold and empty nights



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